Valentina Studio Pro extremely slow

Hello! I have some problems since this morning. When I create a new table, it takes about a minute for each letter I write on my keyboard. This problem only applies to Valentina Studio Pro, all my other apps are working properly and my computer i...

v9.1 changes broke schema editor customization functionality

It appears there are some regression bugs creeping into v9.1 which were not present in v9.0. This is a new one related to the "look and feel" of the application (yes, I have noticed the change to how it looks now, changes between 9.1 and 9...

Data transfer issues in Studio Pro 9.1

There is something strange going on with data transfer in Studio Pro. First some background: 1. Source db: Postgres 11 2. Target db: Postgres 10 The Postgres version should make no difference as we are talking about a simply table mapping. P...

Bitbounce & Other Spam Walls: Just Don't

We give out a lot of free serial numbers for Valentina Studio every day, and lately we've had our share of email accounts that use Bitbounce. What happens is that it sends an email to put you through a whitelist process and to 'pay' someone using bit...

Error 394506

What is the reason for error 394506 v4rb_7? Is there a list about the v-errors?...

Valentina Release 9.0.7 adds Forms Editor and Reports Improvements, Cumulative Fixes

Paradigma Software Valentina Release 9.0.7 adds several updates and fixes, new features for Valentina Forms, improved Valentina Reports and more. Valentina Studio / Studio Pro Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and form...

VException "The link "Link_2" refuses operation."?

What does the above VException mean? I'm trying to export data from one database into another database. 'do cursor dim theCursor as VCursor = theDatabase.SqlSelect("select * from Attachment where recid = 0", EVCursorLocation.kServerSide...

Doing diagnosis without pizza of death - again

I finally took some time to make the diagnosis of my database run without the pizza of death. No joy. 1) The example "Database_Diagnose" shows how not to do this. It uses while mThreadFinished = false app.SleepCurrentThread 100...

Query results windows not working.

On the latest version 7.5.4 64bit on windows 10. Nov 15 2017. Query that works in Query editor does not open the results windows in sql editor. SELECT "public"."school"."name" AS "school_name" , "...

The "read only" button is not visible in the query. Am I doing something wrong?

I just upgraded to Studio Pro for Mac so that I can update and edit records directly from an outputted query, but the "read only" button is not visible in the query. Am I doing something wrong?...

Customizing items in a Combo Box menu in forms

Hello -- We'd like to customize the items in a combo box in a form, so that users will choose from meaningful text labels which would be mapped to the actual values that are recorded in the database. For example, there might a Lab table with 3 rows: ...

Setting subreport datasource

Hello, I've just created a report that contains a subreport Report is launched mRpt = prj.MakeNewReport( app.pl_Reportfilename, ds, app.pl_sql1) mRpt.SetParameterValue( "param1", app.pl_Params(0) ) but I don't know how to set t...

to work, every time

Good morning, I'm a new entry in this forum. I've downloaded the vstudio_9_Win32.exe for installation. I menage a firebird database. At the installation's end, a message tell me that a file is not found on the computer, as shows the attached file...

Params from xojo are ignored

Hello, I've just created a new valentina report with parameters. Viewing this report with interative paremeters works fine. I don't know the reason why whn I call this report from xojo parameters are ignored. mRpt = prj.MakeNewReport(


Hello, I wan to summarize some columns on report footer, so I add summary control on report footer. the column that I wanto to summary is TOTAL_FACTURA, so summary is sum(TOTAL_FACTURA) Sql expression to run this report is select com_ivacomp...

Connection to Azure PosgreSQL is it supported?

I downloaded Valentina Studio and it seems that I cannot connect to the Azure PosgreSQL. The user and db name in the connection are different than the default ones and I cannot change them. Is Azure PosgreSQL supported? I looked over the forums an...

What does "Updated Protocols of Valentina DB" mean?

The release notes for Valentina 9 contain a paragraph: Updated Protocols of Valentina DB. A new protocol removes several previously required keywords, making development on the object-relational platform faster and simpler Can you explain in mo...

Cursor options when used with a local embedded Database

I have some questions about the Cursor options when used with a local embedded Database with Xojo V4RB on Mac OS. 1. What is the difference between cursors on the client compared to the cursors on the server for embedded Database? 2. I got an err...

Is it time to drop 32-bit products?

Hi Everybody, Soon we going to ship our 9.0 release of Valentina dev tools and components. We decided to still do the release with all 32-bit products that exist currently (and also 64 bit versions). But we think it is time to start dropping 32-bi...

System User Tables (VServer) Editable?

This is a question for my fellow Valentina Developers on the site - and depending on the results, a feature request for the guys at VDB: Does anyone have a need to be able to have additional user attributes beyond what is available to us in VServe...

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