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0008580VALENTINA SERVERSQLite Serverpublic2019-08-31 14:23
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Product Version9.3.x 
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Summary0008580: UTF BOM characters are not processed correctly by SQLite
DescriptionThe situation happened for two users: first used V4RB+Valentina SQLite Server the second used REST+Valentina SQLite Server.

Somehow UTF-8 BOM (EF BB BF) appeared in the query text in the Xojo source file.
It was passed to V4RB/REST API, from the client to the server, even transformed to UTF-16 BOM and back to UTF-8 BOM if the conversion happens.

But SQLite engine treats BOM like an ordinary character - as part of a command or the identifier.
It returns an error. But BOM is invisible, so the message doesn't give any hint to the ordinary user.

When the error is written to the log, it is possible to view it in HEX format and find BOM which breaks the query.

We have to strip BOMs on some stage.

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Sergey Pashkov

Sergey Pashkov

2019-07-22 15:17

developer   ~0010897

This is a sample project containing EF BB BF before the query text

POS ERCF_Printing online_v0.1.xojo_binary_project (31,776 bytes)
Sergey Pashkov

Sergey Pashkov

2019-07-22 15:18


Screenshot 2019-07-22 18.16.22.png (207,200 bytes)
Sergey Pashkov

Sergey Pashkov

2019-08-31 14:23

developer   ~0010965

The user has opened a Xojo case, can be viewer by Xojo Feedback app:
57247 - Copy and Paste code in XOJO (BOM)

The proposed solution is:
After pasting the text, try:
1: Highlight the text (possibly the entire method)
2: Open the code editor context-menu (normally a right-click with the mouse)
3: Select "Clean invisible ascii characters"

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