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0008198VALENTINA SERVERDatabasepublic2019-11-06 11:37
ReporterAleksandar SpasojevicAssigned ToRuslan Zasukhin 
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PlatformINTELOSWindowsOS Version*
Product Version7.5.x 
Target Version9.7.xFixed in Version 
Summary0008198: Valentina TextField problem

This is from thread I created on forum.

I have one field which has to be populated with larger data. I created textField to hold data, but very often, when diagnosing that DB, I get following errors. When trying to access affected records, Valentina Studio crashes with lot of Kernel errors.

.....> SegmentFile:
                    Segment 40022 has wrong mIndex must be 81 in fact 1
                    Segment 40022 has wrong mFirstSegment must be 9063 in fact 40022
                    Segment 40022 has wrong mPrevSegment must be 5298 in fact 0

Problems found! ( SegmentFile: )

Problems found! ( Field: completeInfo , type Text )

In attachment you have DB with only affected table, I deleted all others tables in order to get smaller size to attach it here. This is happening on almost every vServer version after 7.0 . Did not tried with older versions.
I turned Flush after every data change.
Working with DB is via both SQL and SDK.

Not always, but it could happen that when I want to Update existing record or get data, vServer stops working and I have to start it again.

I'm getting this sometimes few times daily, or once in few days and thats confusing me. Only solution I got for now is to delete field and create it again, until next crash.
Steps To ReproduceReproducing this problem is a little harder, still don't have idea how its happening. CompleteInfo field stores data about media files and I thought that something from file info is making trouble in DB, but its happening on different results.
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Aleksandar Spasojevic

Aleksandar Spasojevic

2018-02-20 19:47


DB.rar (375,712 bytes)
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2019-11-06 11:37

administrator   ~0011054

We have such report(s) in the Valentina KERNEL project.

The database is copied into archive of databases with broken BLOB

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