Released 2008-03-26
0003079: [Log Files] Server crashes on databse import when VerboseLevel = 3 (Ivan Smahin)
0003983: [SSL Connection] RC1 crash on SSL connect Linux and Windows (Ivan Smahin)
0003081: [API] VServer crashing on Linux and Win32, runs fine on Mac OS X (Ivan Smahin)
0003760: [SSL Connection] b11 Mac VServer crashes on SSL connnect (Ivan Smahin)
0003778: [Report Server] Default project folder is undefined (Ivan Smahin)
0003438: [Installation] creation of pidfile when vserver starts (Kirill Pekarov)
0003751: [Other] [NEW] AppleScript scripts in the Finder's Scripts folder. (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0003750: [ini-file] [NEW] SystemProjectCatalog property (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0003740: [ini-file] NEW ini-file parameter MaxTransferTimeout (Ivan Smahin)
0002305: [Installation] Change post-install action of VServer_Office_Exec.pkg to "Recommended Restart" (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0003337: [ini-file] Update of VSERVER MAC should preserve existed ini file. (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0003693: [SQL] Server crashes if empty query passed to SQLQuery method (Ivan Smahin)
0003443: [Feature] [NEW] Connection timeout parameter introduced (Ivan Smahin)
0003392: [SSL Connection] SSL connection to Linux VServer does not work on b34 (Kirill Pekarov)
0003335: [Other] Improvement of VServer autostart script for Linux needed (Kirill Pekarov)
0003324: [Database] unregister db (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0002233: [Feature] VConnection.Isconnected NOT resetting Clienttimeout (Ivan Smahin)
0003308: [Webpage] If SQL command has umlauts then parser produces not expected console output (Kirill Pekarov)
0004005: [SQL] Update query makes server crash
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