0002986: [SQL] Deleting the first record added to a table containing a BLOB/Picture field doesn't work correctly (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0002989: [Encryption] Encrypted table or field can be viewed by another client without a key check in some circumstances. (Ivan Smahin)
0002958: [Import/Export] import routine should report the number of records imported (Igor Nikitin)
0002960: [API] A changed picture was reread from the cache and not from the DB (Ivan Smahin)
0002935: [API] Concurrent insert of BLOBs (API way) crashes table (Ivan Smahin)
0002933: [Performance] Linux VServer can't write past 2GB boundry on DB Files (Kirill Pekarov)
0002917: [Other] VServer does not honor datesetting of database (Ivan Smahin)
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