Released 2015-12-13
0007365: [Event Shceduler] Improve SHOW EVENTS to show all events from all databases (Ivan Smahin)
0007366: [Event Shceduler] SHOW EVENTS may return an additional column with approx time of the next execution (Ivan Smahin)
0007334: [Report Server] Ability to generate report on schedule and send it by email (Ruslan Zasukhin)
       0007335: [Event Shceduler] Allow to create events, not bound to any database (Ivan Smahin)
       0007323: [Report Server] Ability to generate a report via SQL for any datasource (Ivan Smahin)
       0007359: [Event Shceduler] Ability to create events with multiple statements in body (with BEGIN ... END) (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0007340: [Other] Crash on working with notifications (Ivan Smahin)
0007331: [Event Shceduler] Server crashes on event creation query, if STARTS timestamp is defined incorrectly (Ivan Smahin)
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