0008708: [REST API] Multi-statements against vSQLite. (Ivan Smahin)
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0008705: [Database] Crash on opening database that was unregistered in open state and then registered (Ivan Smahin)
0008677: [SQL] NEW SQL command "DROP PROJECT pro_name" (Ivan Smahin)
0008682: [Property Inspector] Missing SYSTEMPROJECTSCATALOG property of vServer (Ivan Smahin)
0008674: [Property Inspector] [NEW] vServer property SERVERPATH (Ivan Smahin)
4 issues View Issues
0008624: [Prefs Pane] Start/Stop button doesn't show errors (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
0008623: [Log Files] Count of log files is not okay (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
0002444: [Event Shceduler] CREATE EVENT ON SCHEDULE AT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP does not quite work (Ivan Smahin)
0007801: [Docs] Add detailed description of /sql_fast REST resource (Ivan Smahin)
3 issues View Issues
0008528: [SQLite Server] SQL "BACKUP" statement for SQLite. (Ivan Smahin)
0008678: [SQL] NEW SQL command "SHOW BACKUPS" (Ivan Smahin)
0008620: [Event Shceduler] FR encrypted database in event for backup (Ivan Smahin)
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0008465: [Feature] Unable to change "Slave mode" without restarting vServer. (Ivan Smahin)
0008462: [Other] VServer v8.7.2 - __MAIL backdates e-mails by 3 hours (Ivan Smahin)
0008461: [Event Shceduler] VServer v8.7.2 - inconsistent handling of BACKUP DATABASE (Ivan Smahin)
0007966: [Report Server] Enable Scheduler of VSERVER work with backup of a Valentina Project. (Ivan Smahin)
0006706: [Other] Only user himself should be able to change password (Ivan Smahin)
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0008426: [SQLite Server] [NEW] vSQLiteBLOB class. (Ivan Smahin)
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0008360: [Database] VServer stucks after few minutes of working (Ivan Smahin)
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0008302: [Event Shceduler] v8.3.2 - Database Events create bogus connections to database which are subsequently blocking unregistering this database (Ivan Smahin)
0008298: [ini-file] Crash on the creation of a new database with enabled privileges. (Ivan Smahin)
0008268: [Installation] VServer_x64 v8.3 installation package distributes wrong version of vcruntime140.dll (Ruslan Zasukhin)
3 issues View Issues
0008014: [API] Inconsitency in database name parameter using Register/Unregister Database (Ivan Smahin)
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0007993: [Database] Slow query feature (badly needed) (Ivan Smahin)
0008004: [SQL] [NEW] "OS", "OSType" properties of Valentina Server. (Ivan Smahin)
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0007969: [REST API] Number of AffectedRows returned is always zero on SQL UPDATE and DELETE on a SQLite DB using REST API (Ivan Smahin)
0007964: [Installation] VServer 7.1.2 (32bit) crashes on Win10 (64bit) (Ruslan Zasukhin)
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0007903: [Client] Valentina Server slowing down (Ivan Smahin)
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0007731: [Other] v6.5.7 VServer crash (Ivan Smahin)
0007659: [REST API] Ability to get a result of SQL query using one HTTP request (Ivan Smahin)
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0007598: [Other] VServer hangs on wrong notification connection (Ivan Smahin)
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0007421: [REST API] Impossible to establish a new simultaneous REST session, if previous REST request hasn't finished (Ivan Smahin)
0007455: [SQLite Server] SQLITE_OPEN_SHAREDCACHE prevent second transaction waiting on busy_timeout (Ivan Smahin)
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Released 2015-12-13
0007365: [Event Shceduler] Improve SHOW EVENTS to show all events from all databases (Ivan Smahin)
0007366: [Event Shceduler] SHOW EVENTS may return an additional column with approx time of the next execution (Ivan Smahin)
0007334: [Report Server] Ability to generate report on schedule and send it by email (Ruslan Zasukhin)
       0007335: [Event Shceduler] Allow to create events, not bound to any database (Ivan Smahin)
       0007323: [Report Server] Ability to generate a report via SQL for any datasource (Ivan Smahin)
       0007359: [Event Shceduler] Ability to create events with multiple statements in body (with BEGIN ... END) (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0007340: [Other] Crash on working with notifications (Ivan Smahin)
0007331: [Event Shceduler] Server crashes on event creation query, if STARTS timestamp is defined incorrectly (Ivan Smahin)
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Released 2015-11-05
0007342: [Event Shceduler] One-time event with INTERVAL added and PRESERVE option turns into repeating event (Ivan Smahin)
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Released 2015-09-15
0007287: [SQLite Server] Attempt to create database with name of existing database causes no errors (Ivan Smahin)
0007222: [Client] Duplicate a record copy only the modified fields in client mode (Ivan Smahin)
0007206: [Docs] Need to update REVOKE example (Ivan Smahin)
0002274: [ini-file] need option to load a database at start of the server (Ivan Smahin)
0002879: [Master database] Master database uses field names that are Valentina SQL keywords (Ivan Smahin)
0006975: [Feature] Access Control List (ACL) for registered databases. (Ivan Smahin)
0006754: [Data Editor] Result of method from DEFAULT METHOD definition isn't inserted into a table on AddRecord() on CLIENT connection (Ivan Smahin)
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0007008: [SQL] Incorrect date time values from SHOW CONNECTIONS statement (Ivan Smahin)
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0006999: [Log Files] Log file now prints version of SSL (Ivan Smahin)
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Released 2015-01-04
0005486: [ini-file] [NEW] Access Control List to allow/disable connections from specific IPs. (Ivan Smahin)
0006756: [Client] Only connections with successful login should be counted. (Ivan Smahin)
       0006966: [Other] Extra connection needed for admin only in case of all connections are in use. (Ivan Smahin)
0006707: [Docs] Password security (Ivan Smahin)
0005870: [SQL] DROP DATABASE for closed database leads to kernel error and has no effect (Ivan Smahin)
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Released 2014-10-16
0006951: [Other] VServer Linux x64 => Glibc => segmentation faults, memory corruption, corrupted linked list etc. (Ivan Smahin)
0006936: [SSL Connection] Cannot connect to a Valentina Server on Linux with SSL (Ivan Smahin)
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0006769: [Log Files] Add to log bind parameter values (Ivan Smahin)
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0006579: [Users/Groups] Possible bug on Privilege Setting of Valentina Server (Ivan Smahin)
0004587: [Log Files] Log message, if vreport is not available due to absence of X (Kirill Pekarov)
2 issues View Issues
0006660: [Performance] Automatic re-indexing not controllable (Ivan Smahin)
0006669: [Installation] Download valentina 5.5 release version n to possible (Ruslan Zasukhin)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2013-08-31
0006641: [Other] Valentina Server Crash (Ivan Smahin)
0006543: [Users/Groups] [NEW] ini setting to allow only single connection with particular login. (Ivan Smahin)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2013-06-15
0006366: [Prefs Pane] Massive memory leaks in Server Panel on OS X (Sergey Pashkov)
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Released 2013-02-14
0006081: [SQL] The command SHOW LOG for 'warning' file returns wrong data (Ivan Smahin)
0005985: [Prefs Pane] Beta 5 Prefpane, crashes, will not run (yuriy_velichko)
0005795: [Prefs Pane] VServer preferences pane on MacOs X not working (yuriy_velichko)
0005972: [Database] DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS throw exception (Ivan Smahin)
0005888: [Other] strange error message (Ivan Smahin)
0005920: [Database] Backups not placed into backup-folder (Ivan Smahin)
0005930: [Event Shceduler] Server stops to work correctly after adding or dropping event. (Ivan Smahin)
0005868: [Feature] Wrong recognizing of registered databases names (MacOS) (Ivan Smahin)
0005867: [Feature] Server does not show unregistered databases (MacOS) (Ivan Smahin)
0005866: [SQL] Query returns wrong data (Ivan Smahin)
0004592: [SQL] Diagnose Database is unclearly and should return cursor (Ivan Smahin)
0005817: [SQL] [NEW] SHOW DATABASES shows unregistered dbs as well (Ivan Smahin)
0005815: [SQL] [NEW] SHOW SERVER LOG (Ivan Smahin)
0005806: [Installation] Installation messes up linux (Igor Nikitin)
0005799: [SQL] stream eof reached (Ivan Smahin)
0005761: [SQL] VServer crashes on query with binding from VPHP5.0 (Ivan Smahin)
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Released 2011-06-25
0005505: [Other] boot scripts missing LSB tags and overrides (Ivan Smahin)
0005531: [Users/Groups] database users cannot login (Ivan Smahin)
0004607: [API] Get more info about users (Ivan Smahin)
0002949: [API] crash on cast of a aggregate function (Ivan Smahin)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2010-12-13
0005088: [Database] DB corrupted after several hours of concurrent access (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0005090: [Installation] Wrong exe-name after installation of x64 VServer (Ivan Smahin)
0005087: [ini-file] [NEW] HostingMode property (Ivan Smahin)
0005071: [Other] [IMP] VServer now recognizes not only Licences folder but also Licenses. Both names are valid. (Ivan Smahin)
0005064: [API] vreports does not switch to enabled when there is a expired license file next to a valid license file (Ivan Smahin)
0005037: [SQL] SqlQuery() result could be not flushed (FlushEachDataChanges=1) (Ivan Smahin)
0005027: [ini-file] INI File hassle ... (Ruslan Zasukhin)
       0005028: [ini-file] VSERVER uses INI file name as source. As result some glitches and not enough smart. (Ivan Smahin)
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Released 2010-05-04
0004989: error reporting on duplicate key (Ivan Smahin)
0004951: [Log Files] [New] VServer and any other App now on default (can) keep ALL log files in the VServer/vlogs folder. (Ivan Smahin)
0004947: [Log Files] All logs should be named with the same time stamp (Ivan Smahin)
0004948: [ini-file] [NEW] param. in INI for log-files location (Ivan Smahin)
0004949: [SQL] [NEW] vServer property - LOGFILESLOCATION (Ivan Smahin)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2010-02-20
0004788: [Protocol] 4.6 vServer kHighestSupportedProtocol command response cause disconnect in 4.5.2 (and below) vClient (Ivan Smahin)
0004802: [ini-file] [KERNEL] section is renamed to [VKERNEL] (Ivan Smahin)
0004801: [Installation] RESTART apple script do not works. (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0004799: [API] After call 'put_Variable' VServer_Office.ini have duplicate entries: (Ivan Smahin)
0004798: [API] put_Variable( "BonjourProtocolName", "sample" ); works wrong (Ivan Smahin)
0004784: [Log Files] Log format changed to strictly clarify user-id and thread-id information. (Ivan Smahin)
6 issues View Issues
0004787: [Database] Database fields only saving 1st character when adding data to a blank field in RealBasic app and even through Studio Pro (Ruslan Zasukhin)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2009-11-11
0004613: [Installation] NEW installator for VServer-64 MAC (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0004614: [Installation] NEW installator for VServer-64 WIN
0004615: [Installation] NEW installator for VServer-64 Linux
0004663: [Property Inspector] [NEW] vServer's OS info available via SHOW PROPERTIES OF SERVER command (Ivan Smahin)
0004591: [ini-file] Empty records also with FLUSH_EACH_DATACHANGES (Ivan Smahin)
0004420: [SQL] WIKI examples not working for SQL Grant (Ivan Smahin)
0004475: [Other] Monitoring Server by SNMP (Ivan Smahin)
       0004608: [Other] Switch to ACE v5.7 on Windows (Ivan Smahin)
       0004609: [Other] Switch to ACE v5.7 on Linux
       0004610: [Other] Switch to ACE v5.7 on MAC OS X (Ruslan Zasukhin)
10 issues View Issues
0004596: [ini-file] FlushEachDatachanges should not only flush api calls (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2009-08-30
0004586: [Log Files] [NEW] SysLog option for logging Valentina Server (Ivan Smahin)
0004544: [Other] Snow Leopard issue: When scheduler is active -> bus error (Ruslan Zasukhin)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2009-05-03
0004477: [SQL] Backup database corrupts db (Ivan Smahin)
0004478: [API] objptr tatgetTable name is empty sometimes (Ivan Smahin)
0004281: [SQL] SHOW PROJECTS return spare row (Ivan Smahin)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2009-02-28
0003882: [SSL Connection] Server does not recognize defect certificats (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2008-03-26
0003079: [Log Files] Server crashes on databse import when VerboseLevel = 3 (Ivan Smahin)
0003983: [SSL Connection] RC1 crash on SSL connect Linux and Windows (Ivan Smahin)
0003081: [API] VServer crashing on Linux and Win32, runs fine on Mac OS X (Ivan Smahin)
0003760: [SSL Connection] b11 Mac VServer crashes on SSL connnect (Ivan Smahin)
0003778: [Report Server] Default project folder is undefined (Ivan Smahin)
0003438: [Installation] creation of pidfile when vserver starts (Kirill Pekarov)
0003751: [Other] [NEW] AppleScript scripts in the Finder's Scripts folder. (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0003750: [ini-file] [NEW] SystemProjectCatalog property (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0003740: [ini-file] NEW ini-file parameter MaxTransferTimeout (Ivan Smahin)
0002305: [Installation] Change post-install action of VServer_Office_Exec.pkg to "Recommended Restart" (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0003337: [ini-file] Update of VSERVER MAC should preserve existed ini file. (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0003693: [SQL] Server crashes if empty query passed to SQLQuery method (Ivan Smahin)
0003443: [Feature] [NEW] Connection timeout parameter introduced (Ivan Smahin)
0003392: [SSL Connection] SSL connection to Linux VServer does not work on b34 (Kirill Pekarov)
0003335: [Other] Improvement of VServer autostart script for Linux needed (Kirill Pekarov)
0003324: [Database] unregister db (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0002233: [Feature] VConnection.Isconnected NOT resetting Clienttimeout (Ivan Smahin)
0003308: [Webpage] If SQL command has umlauts then parser produces not expected console output (Kirill Pekarov)
0004005: [SQL] Update query makes server crash
19 issues View Issues
0003050: [SQL] Update of textfield formerly read with clientside cursor not updateable (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0003051: [SSL Connection] on Mac OS X 10.5.2 SSL connections won't connect to VServer (Ivan Smahin)
0003034: [SQL] Query crashes server (Ivan Smahin)
0003020: [Users/Groups] It is wrongfully allowed to call RemoveUser() for yourself. (Ivan Smahin)
4 issues View Issues
0002986: [SQL] Deleting the first record added to a table containing a BLOB/Picture field doesn't work correctly (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0002989: [Encryption] Encrypted table or field can be viewed by another client without a key check in some circumstances. (Ivan Smahin)
0002958: [Import/Export] import routine should report the number of records imported (Igor Nikitin)
0002960: [API] A changed picture was reread from the cache and not from the DB (Ivan Smahin)
0002935: [API] Concurrent insert of BLOBs (API way) crashes table (Ivan Smahin)
0002933: [Performance] Linux VServer can't write past 2GB boundry on DB Files (Kirill Pekarov)
0002917: [Other] VServer does not honor datesetting of database (Ivan Smahin)
7 issues View Issues
0002904: [Performance] Client Side cursors with size > 1Kb now about 30 times faster created on VSERVER. (Ruslan Zasukhin)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2007-10-09
0002859: [API] LoadDump does not work with Vserver (Ivan Smahin)
0002843: [Localization] VServer return corrupted language specified chars in the string value if used a non-system encoding in the connection. (Kirill Pekarov)
0002823: [SQL] Stored procedure not executed (Ivan Smahin)
0002182: [Change] I would like to be able to change the Bonjour server name with Valentina SQL SET PROPERTY statements (Ivan Smahin)
0002728: [Installation] [Linux] Valentina cannot be installed when user has no write permissions to /usr/ (Kirill Pekarov)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2007-07-28
0002595: [ini-file] NEW parameter FlushEachDataChanges (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2007-06-12
0002400: [API] ClientInfo call fails (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
0002375: [Other] vServer crashes w/ bus error on v4rb connection (Ivan Smahin)
0002371: [XML dump] Wrong error on 'No more connections left' (Ivan Smahin)
0002356: [Installation] Error in readme (Ruslan Zasukhin)
3 issues View Issues
0002355: [ini-file] Added EnableScheduler=1 line (Ruslan Zasukhin)
1 issue View Issues
0002304: [API] Registering an Encrypted Database fails (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
0002160: [Encryption] Error 394509 | SSL-Connection, V4RB VCursor (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2006-09-21
0001855: [API] [NEW] Secure VServer connections. SSL. (Ivan Smahin)
0001907: [Feature] [NEW] Support of Bonjour servise - zero configuration. (Ruslan Zasukhin)
2 issues View Issues
0001850: [API] [OPT] Protocol version is not used anymore so become redundant. (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
0001721: [Other] VServer crash when start as service and used expired license (Ivan Smahin)
0001755: [Other] Wrong move to next record in VTable load record for client cursor. (Ivan Smahin)
0001757: [API] VServer crashes when opening table browser (Ivan Smahin)
3 issues View Issues
0001722: [API] VServer_RegisterDb adds text "Databases" before name of db. (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0001719: [Performance] Slow Mac OS X Vserver 2.4 Performance when calling AddRecord() (Ruslan Zasukhin)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2006-08-03
0000379: [Other] Customized server still show in the console "Valentina" name. (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
0001707: [API] [NEW] compression of packages > 1024 bytes (Ivan Smahin)
0001706: [API] [NEW] packet-based protocol. (Ivan Smahin)
0001705: [API] Log now display how many connections left after new is established (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0001235: [Other] SystemCatalog path designation doesn't work as expected... (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0001703: [API] Works on Mac Intel (Ruslan Zasukhin)
5 issues View Issues
0001378: [API] fields of following records are overwritten when adding records in a loop (Ivan Smahin)
0001382: [API] err after VServer.Restart() (Ivan Smahin)
2 issues View Issues
0001484: [Other] No server info in the console and log case low verbose mode set. (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
0001328: [ini-file] New property for HTTP port. (Ivan Smahin)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2005-10-04
0001214: [Other] VCursor::UpdateAllRecords and VCursor::DeleteAllRecords are not implemented. (Ivan Smahin)
0001139: [SQL] Can't get VText out of Server Using SQL (Ivan Smahin)
2 issues View Issues
0001045: [API] selecting ObjectPtr field into clientside cursor causes error 0x82513 (Igor Gomon)
0001043: [API] On connect, removed reading of first 10 records for each table. (Igor Gomon)
0001009: [API] Problem with registering databases from catalogs other than "SystemCatalog" (Igor Gomon)
0000991: [API] Statically created database objects were deleted after calling Open() (Igor Gomon)
0000978: [Cursors] An SQL query of remote db that contains a BLOB field crashes V4Rb 2 (Igor Gomon)
0000922: [Installation] Unknown error (999) when trying to install vserver (Ruslan Zasukhin)
6 issues View Issues
0000780: [Installation] shutdown computer hangs with VServer errors in terminal window (Igor Gomon)
0000843: [API] Bug fixed in I_Server::CancelConnection() (Igor Gomon)
0000756: [Installation] ReadWrite Permissions wrong after installing VServer (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0000840: [API] String becomes garbare when sent from Mac client to Win server. (Igor Gomon)
0000839: [API] Garbage error description sent from Win server to Mac client. (Igor Gomon)
0000838: [API] After creation of the cursor it has incorrect position. (Igor Gomon)
0000837: [Feature] VClient now can produce debug logs as local version. (Igor Gomon)
0000779: [Import/Export] text import does not work on Mac in client / server mode (Igor Gomon)
0000835: [Other] Add logging facility at protocol level. (Igor Gomon)
0000797: [API] VServer crashes when attempting to register a database (Igor Gomon)
0000753: [Feature] gives no feedback when assigning linkname (Igor Gomon)
11 issues View Issues
0000666: [Other] Mach-o client does not build (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0000665: [API] get_DatabaseInfo hangs forever in CW Win build (Igor Gomon)
2 issues View Issues
0000632: [Other] IF few license files then only one was recognised. (Ruslan Zasukhin)
1 issue View Issues